Battlefield 5 Tides of War Chapter 4 Info: “Defying the Odds” Trailer, and Content Overview

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Those looking forward to new Battlefield 5 content, look no further! Today, DICE has released a trailer, and a ton of Battlefield 5 Tides of War Chapter 4 info! Called “Defying the Odds,” players will get a new map, new Elite soldier skins, new weapons, and more — and yes, all for free!

The Battlefield 5 Tides of War Chapter 4 release date is set for June 27, and will run all through August!

Battlefield 5 Tides of War Chapter 4 Info Overview

battlefield 5 tides of war chapter 4 info

New Map: Al Sundan (June 27)

The fight moves to the North African desert on this vast, open map based on the war story Under No Flag. Engage alongside a lush desert coast and contrasting harsh environments. With large distances, vehicle-based teamplay, and battles across all ranges, you’ll always have plenty of choices.

New Map: Marita (July)

The Battle of Greece continues! Deploy on a sloping mountain ridge and within the tight streets of a rural town on this infantry-focused map. Tanks and aircraft will stand aside for intense gunfights and sneaky flanks in the cobbled streets. Stay alert and prepare for challenging, vertical gameplay.

Two New Close-Quarter Maps (August)

Destroy an explosives production factory in Lofoten Islands. Unseat the Axis occupation in Provence. Get up-close and personal on maps tailored for intimate infantry combat where teamwork, skill, and adaptation are your keys to victory. 

New Elites (June)

Two Elite skins featuring signature looks, personas, voices**, and melee weapons are coming with Chapter 4. Play as the allied Norman Kingsley, skillful problem solver and expert rifleman, or Ilse Schattenwulf, quick and precise counter-espionage operative fighting for Germany.

New Weapons (Ongoing)

Expand your arsenal with weapons for all four classes, such as the mighty S2-200 MMG or the Panzerbuchse Anti-Materiel Rifle. Unlock guns by completing the Weekly Challenges.

Don’t forget, E3 is coming up this week, and Battlefield 5 will be part of EA Play. We’ll make sure to cover whatever announcements come out of it.

Source: EA

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