Battlefield V Overture Known Issues Listed by DICE

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With DICE releasing a massive patch yesterday with the arrival of the Overture content in Battlefield V, it’s understandable (or not, depending on your point of view) that some things might not be working as intended.

If you experienced a bug or two after the Battlefield V Overture update, you’re not the only one! Listed below are the acknowledged Battlefield V Overture issues the game has gotten since the patch. Note that these are the issues known FROM the patch, and doesn’t include every bug known since release.

  • Company Coin Retroactive Award
    • We’ve completed batch jobs that retroactively awarded players who reached Max Rank 50 prior to the Company Coin accrual fix. They have now received the appropriate Company Coin for time spent in game at Max Rank 50 where they were not receiving new Company Coin.
  • Game Crashes After Chapter 1: Overture Update
    • If you find Battlefield V is crashing post-update and you have an AMD graphics card, updating your Radeon graphics driver will make things more stable.
    • We’ve had reports of crashing on AMD cards with Radeon driver version 18.11.1 in single-player and multiplayer modes. We’re working with AMD on this, but in the meantime updating to Radeon version 18.2.1 will improve things for you.
  • Panzerfaust Improvements Confusion
    • We realize we put a lot of emphasis on the elements we “buffed” with the Panzerfausts and not enough about the “nerfs”. The maximum damage of the Panzerfaust has dropped. In all normal cases, the Panzerfaust will take more hits to kill all tanks, making tanks more survivable. The 5 damage hits were only rare edge cases of poor hits (less than 10 damage). Yes, while they are 3x better now, it’s still only approximately 15 damage. When hitting a tank on its side, we’ve dropped the damage from approx. 50 to an estimated 25. From the rear, you used to be able to 2-shot a tank – now it takes at least 3 hits.
  • New Skin Prices
    • We’ve received reports that the Company Coin prices for some skins are quite high. We are taking a look at all prices and adjusting appropriately.
  • Not Getting the Tiger I Skin for Completing War Story: The Last Tiger
    • We’re currently investigating. Hold tight!

In other Battlefield V news, the game has received its first headgear with hair, and here’s how it looks.Also of note, the game is being discounted by 50 percent by EA for those who own Battlefield 1 and BF4, and the community is not happy with it.

Source: Reddit

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