Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 1 Week 1 Missions and Reward Outlined

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If you’re playing Battlefield V and the newly released Tides of War chapter 1 Overture content, then you might have noticed that a new set of weekly missions have been made available by DICE. In case you’re having a hard time figuring them out, the studio has outlined just what you need to do in order to complete each and every one. And before anyone gets to it, DICE has acknowledged that there is currently a known issue with some of the requirements from being tracked properly, and the studio is working on it.

In the first weekly mission, Attrition and Fortifications, you’ll need to do complete the following in order, deviating where you prefer based on your play-style/proficiency:

  • First Leg
    • Self Healing: Restore your own health with Bandages 10 times.
      Staying alive in Battlefield V often comes down to squad play and teamwork. However, you should know that you can address your own wounds with Bandages. When you spawn, you have one of these to apply when health is low. Restock by staying close to Medics, who will throw Bandages to you, or locate Supply Stations, which are invaluable resources near bases that you can interact with to get more health and ammo.
  • Second Leg (complete one of the three to progress to next leg)
    • Healer: Supply teammates with Bandages 20 times.
      Deploy as a Medic and hand out Bandages like there’s no tomorrow! This is something all Medics can do from the get-go; simply stay close to team mates and hit the corresponding Gadget button to throw the medical gear to them.
    • Re-Engage: Resupply Bandages or ammo 10 times at Supply Stations.
      Knowing your own turf is just as important as knowing enemy territory. On the control points owned by your team, know where the Supply Stations are – they will keep you stocked on health and ammo. Run up to these for a quick refill and this part of the challenge tree will soon be done.
    • Need Ammo: Supply teammates 20 times with an Ammo Pouch.
      Ammo does not grow on trees, so help out your team by deploying as the Support class and handing out Ammo Pouches. Just like handing out Bandages, this requires you to stay close to your team and hitting the right button. Ammo Pouches restock primary and secondary weapon ammunition and are often godsends
  • Third Leg (complete one of the three to progress to next leg)
    • (If you complete previous ‘Healer’ leg) Health Crate: Heal teammates for 400 health points by deploying Medical Crates.
      Deploy as a Medic and make sure you’ve equipped the Medical Crate gadget in the Company menu for this challenge. In Battlefield V, the Medical Crates let your buddies restock with Bandages (instead of creating a healing radius for those close to the crate).
    • (If you complete previous ‘Re-Engage’ leg) Break It: Destroy 10 Fortifications.
      You’ll be deep in enemy territory for this one. To find Fortifications, try to go for control points close to the enemy HQ. since these tend to be unguarded. Use Grenades or explosives or go for an aerial attack if you want extra distance.
    • (If you complete previous ‘Need Ammo’ leg) Ammo Crate: Supply ammo to 12 team members by deploying an Ammo Crate.
      Health helps you survive but ammo helps you win the day. Jump into battle with the Support class and, if unlocked, make sure you’ve equipped the Ammo Crate through the Company menu. Then drop Ammo Crates to trigger-happy Assault players, Recons who found the perfect hiding spot, or just about anyone running out of lead, and you’ll be one step closer to the final reward.
  • Fourth Leg (complete to progress to final leg)
    • Fortify Defenses: Build 10 Fortifications in friendly-controlled objective areas.
      Sandbags, foxholes, bridges, and Supply Stations. Buildable by all classes, Fortifications let you counter the destruction of Battlefield V and set up shop at key locations. Bring out the hammer and you’ll see outlines of where Fortifications can be built. Though this task should be done in areas under control of your team, you should still watch your back. While hammering away, you’re vulnerable – your weapons are holstered and you’re a sitting duck for snipers.
    • (Optional: Does not count towards Fourth leg) Snögubbe: Build a snowman.
      Time for the “optional but fun” category. Take a break from the heat of battle and grab some cold snow on the Norway maps. Bring out your Fortification tool, look for suitable spots (we’ll leave the exploration to you), and create the battlefield’s most adorable (but least efficient) “Fortification”.
  • Final Leg (currently a known issue with tracking completion in some instances)
    • Hold the Fort: Complete the last objective.
      The final challenge in Attrition and Fortifications requires you to use what you’ve learned to earn your reward. We won’t spoil the details for this one, but a handy hint is that the Support class is more efficient when it comes to building Fortifications.

You get this as your reward for completing the weekly mission.

Aside from the issues from the weekly mission, DICE has also listed the known game issues that has stemmed from the Overture update which you can read about here.

In case you haven’t bought Battlefield V yet, the game can be had for 50 percent off provided you own Battlefield 1 and/or Battlefield 4! Unfortunately, this hasn’t been accepted well by the community.

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