Battlefield V Second Beta With Fixes Might Happen, Q&A With Lead MP Designer Happening Tomorrow

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While the Battlefield V beta is already wrapped up as you read this, it seems there’s a chance that a second Battlefield V beta might happen. Over on Twitter, DICE Multplayer Producer David Sirland was asked why the studio isn’t extending the beta, to which Sirland replied that he’d rather get another one (BFV beta) out with all the fixes patched in.

Note that this is NOT a confirmation that a second Battlefield V beta will happen, but rather there is a possibility of it happening. So temper those expectations before anyone gets too excited, alright?

Also of note, the official DICE Twitter account announced that a Twitter takeover of the studio’s account will happen tomorrow, where Lead Multiplayer Designer for BFV, Valerian Noghin, will answer fan questions.

Make sure to keep an eye out when this Q&A is live by following the official DICE Twitter. Get those questions ready but don’t be surprised if there’s a few questions the studio can’t answer directly.

In other Battlefield V news, it’s been confirmed that custom servers won’t be ready at launch. DICE has also confirmed that enemy visibility will be looked upon, and spawn protection will be going away.

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