Battlefield V: Every Character Will Speak in Their Native Language in the Campaign

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Don’t you hate it when you’re watching a movie or playing a game and the setting is in France or some other country where English isn’t the first language, but the people talking among themselves are speaking in English just because? If you do, then you won’t have that problem in Battlefield V’s single-player campaign!

Over on Twitter, DICE Level Designer for War Stories (the single-player campaign) Jeff Gagne reveals that every character in War Stories are speaking in their respective language!

This will definitely add a bit more authenticity to the campaign, no? If you still haven’t seen it, check out the most recent trailer for War Stories to get a feel of what DICE is aiming for. Also check out the info roadmap for the week since DICE is cooking a little something for Friday.

Are you a fan of this move or should the developers give an option for those who want to hear everything in English?

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