Battlefield 5 Upcoming Weapon Changes in Patch 6.2 Will Revert Guns to “5.0 Values,” Recoil “Coming Back”

battlefield 5 april update

Just yesterday, DICE detailed the Battlefield 5 upcoming weapon changes coming in patch 6.2, which is due next week. Thankfully, that’s not all the info we have regarding the weapon changes DICE has planned.

On the Battlefield 5 subreddit, Community Manager Jeff Braddock has engaged some of the players in answering questions and clarifying a few things. When pressed by a user on how not a lot of info was shared on the Battlefield 5 upcoming weapon changes post, Braddock responded that most weapons are returning to their patch 5.0 values — something players have been asking for since late last year!

Not only that, but for those annoyed that most guns have seemingly had their recoil disappear after the big weapon patch last year, rejoice! Braddock confirmed that recoil is indeed coming back!

Now for those annoyed at the Type 2A or how strong it is, it will be getting a nerf confirmed!

All good news so far, right? Patch 6.2 will drop next week on March 4, and aside from weapon changes, will include the much-anticipated tank customization feature.

Once the full patch notes are available next week, expect us to relay it to Battlefield 5 players ASAP.

Are you happy with some of the weapon changes set to come in 6.2 or should DICE leave it as is?

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