Battlefield V Update 1.06 Rolls Out, Fixes Fortifications Issue and More

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While we just got a pretty big Battlefield V patch the other day, DICE has once again rolled out Battlefield 5 update version 1.06 today! Clocking in at just 217MB on the PS4, this update is for issues and bug fixes more than anything else.

On the official Battlefield forums, North America Community Manager Jeff Braddock outlined the changes.

Change List

  • Fixed an issue where Fortification building would not complete correctly. This affected all Fortifications including defensive Fortifications (sandbags etc.), stationary weapons, resupply stations, and Snögubbe!

We will also be pushing a Live Service Update to address the following:

  • Fixed issue with Tides of War Chapter Header showing incorrect days/hours remaining.
  • Changed the default settings when creating Squads and/or inviting Friends to PUBLIC instead of FRIENDS ONLY.

Don’t forget that the time-to-kill has been adjusted already (via server-side hotfix), and you can read about all the changes to that right here.