Battlefield V Update File Size and Roll Out Times Revealed

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Just yesterday, we mentioned that DICE is planning on rolling out a new Battlefield V update to coincide with the release of the Deluxe Edition. Now, we know just how big the game update file sizes are for each platform, and when it’ll be out.

Global Community Manager Dan Mitre announced the details and mentioned that there will be no downtime for this game update.

The update will be available for the following platforms at the following times:

  • PC – Update will be rolling out to PC players starting on Nov 14th at 900 UTC / 1:00AM PST.
  • Xbox One – Update will be rolling out to Xbox One players starting on Nov 14th at 1000 UTC / 2:00AM PST.
  • PS4 – Update will be rolling out to PS4 players starting at 1100 UTC/ 3:00AM PST.

The update will be the following sizes:

  • PC: 26.2387GB
  • XB1: 21.0145GB
  • PS4: 15.0141GB

Battlefield V will start rolling out to Deluxe Edition players on Wednesday, November 14th, at 1100 UTC / 3:00AM PST through November 15, 6AM UTC / 10PM PDT November 14th.

Full patch notes of the title update will be made available soon, and we’ll have it up on the site once we know more info. Will it include the tweaks for the SMG and KE7? We’ll let you know once DICE releases further details.

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