Battlefield 5 Update Xbox One Hotfix 4.02 Now Out, Here’s the File Size and What It Does

battlefield 5 update xbox one

As expected from yesterday’s announcement, there’s a new Battlefield 5 update Xbox One hotfix out now (PS4 and PC didn’t get one), and it’s for stability improvements. Clocking in at just 180MB, this Battlefield 5 Xbox One update is for fixing the crashing issues that got introduced in Chapter 4.

Battlefield 5 update Xbox One hotfix 4.02 patch notes:

  • The Xbox Hotfix is intended to address the persistent stability issues that have been frequent since the start of Chapter 4. Our previous Hotfix was only partially successful in resolving mid-round stability on this platform, but also unintentionally introduced new crashing issues during the loading stage. This was occurring as players joined servers, and could also occur during round transitions to the next map.

And that’s pretty much it, which is to be expected, since we did get that meaty patch a week ago. Let’s hope this resolves any stability issues the Xbox One version is suffering from.

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