Watch a Battlefield V V1 Rocket Get Blocked by a Plane to Save His Team

battlefield 5 new reinforcements

In Battlefield V, if your squad is doing well, you can call in a slew of requisitions that should aid your team gain the upper hand in a match. With enough Requisition Points earned, players can call in the dreaded V1 Rocket that will decimate anything it hits.

But what if you want to counter this V1 Rocket? Well, there is a way, but it’ll involve a lot of sacrifice. Gamer osamadeep (Twitter, YouTube) saw an enemy V1 Rocket about to rain down, and he flew his plane into it so it’ll blow him up and nothing else! Talk about sacrifice! Check it out below.

If there’s another way to counter the V1 rocket, it’s not known yet. For now, this is the best “counter” we know. If you know of any share them in the comments below.

In other Battlefield V news, a minor update is set to come out this week, and DICE has listed the known issues gamers have with the title so far.

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