Battlefield V Vehicle Customization Coming After Launch, 4 Launch Maps Detailed

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In case you didn’t see it yesterday, DICE released a brand new Battlefield V trailer that not only showcased a bit of gameplay, but it even showed us our first tease of the shooter’s battle royale mode.

If you’re thirsty for more Battlefield V info, then lucky you! DICE has named four maps that will be available at launch, and has even detailed the backstory behind ’em. We’ve outlined the important — and new info — below (via Battlefield).

The Rotterdam Map

What briefly appears as a blissful panorama is quickly marred by the haze and smoke in the distance, emanating from the embattled streets of Rotterdam. This shot introduces one of four Battlefield V maps debuting in this trailer. The Rotterdam map is influenced by the imperiled city in Holland during May 1940, where the German invading forces met fierce opposition from the Dutch military.

The Devastation Map

The map is inspired by the second half of the Rotterdam blitz by the German forces. While the Rotterdam map shows the city at the start of the attack, Devastation recreates the terrible aftermath of intensive bombardments. The ruined streets are built with dynamic destruction. No matter what destroys a building, different parts of it will crack, move, and crumble over time, making destruction more realistic than ever.

The Rotterdam and Devastation maps will be featured in an early Grand Operation, the Battle of Holland.

The Twisted Steel Map

The once-serene French countryside is the location for the next Battlefield V map, Twisted Steel. Set during the initial invasion of France, Twisted Steel is defined by open marshes and sporadic dense thickets of trees. Torrents of gunfire have flooded the soil with shell casings, shrapnel, and the assorted litter of war.

The massive bridge that towers over the map is the biggest structure ever modeled in a Battlefield game. However, the giant structure is more than a set piece, because of its vital location for squads to either prepare a defense with hastily constructed Fortifications or mount a coordinated assault on a Conquest point.

The Hamada Map

Hamada will be one of two North Africa maps available at launch. The map, crawling with tank warfare in the trailer, is inspired by a strategic point between Libya and Egypt and the scene of pivotal battles between the Axis and Allies during 1941 and 1942.

In case you didn’t read the text above, there will be two North Africa-based maps available at launch.

Also of note, when speaking about vehicles and aircraft, it was casually slipped in that Battlefield V vehicle customization will be available after launch.

These shots, and similar ones that appear throughout the trailer, are a quick display of the arsenal of customized vehicles and aircraft you can collect as part of The Company. Seen from the cockpit of an advancing tank or from the planes diving through fiery plumes of smoke, players can upgrade these vehicles and aircraft to fit their playstyle. Choose between greater firepower or improved durability. Coming after launch for vehicles is visual customization, too.

In other Battlefield V news, early reports from analysts claim that pre-order sales of the game have been weak so far. Will the new trailer and slow trickling of info help? We’ll find out soon enough.