Battlefield V Vehicle Feedback Asked by DICE, Here’s Your Chance to Be Heard

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Just last week, DICE asked the Battlefield V community for feedback regarding the game’s gadgets, equipment and grenades. For this week, it’s the vehicles’ turn!

DICE Community Manager Jeff Braddock has posted on Reddit seeking Battlefield 5 vehicle feedback! And yes, this includes tanks, planes, and emplacements, even.

From the iconic Tiger tanks and Panzers to the Spitefires and Ju-87 Stuka, there’s a wide variety for playstyles in Battlefield V.

Since launch, we’ve worked to balance the vehicular warfare versus infantry, increase the viability of planes and emplacements, and overall improve the usability and fun of vehicles in Battlefield V.

For this thread, I want us to focus on what vehicles (planes, tanks, transports, and emplacements) are ‘damn near perfect’, and what makes them so. And I want to hear what vehicles make you want to pull out your hair – and why?
Finally, what vehicles – not yet in Battlefield V – would you want to bring? (No time-traveling DeLoreans)

As always, it’s critical for a great discussion to keep it friendly, keep it constructive, and feel free to disagree with someone without being disagreeable or abusive.

Turn the key, pop the clutch, and let’s roll.

You can share your feedback — be it good or bad — right here.

In other Battlefield V news, a new trailer for the game’s battle royale mode called Firestorm is scheduled for tomorrow! Let’s hope it’s not the leaked trailer we ran last week.

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One thought on “Battlefield V Vehicle Feedback Asked by DICE, Here’s Your Chance to Be Heard

  1. Honestly for me there is nothing they can do to fix the vehicles without a MAJOR redesign. I much preferred how ammo/repairs were handled in BF4. If I disable a tank then he should be forced to get out of it and repair or get a squad mate to do it for him. You shouldn’t be able to just spam a quick repair and run away.

    On that note though, WW2 vehicles just weren’t that great in comparison to the modern ones, so even then they are still going to be pretty meh unless they stray from realism.

    The current Tank meta is just sit in the back and snipe with it. Unfortunately that is because Dice has pretty much forced them to since that is the only way they are really viable. What I liked about BF4 (and early titles) vehicles is they were fast enough to get in, do some work, and GTFO when the shit hit the fan.

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