DICE Is Asking Battlefield V Feedback for Gadgets, Equipment and Grenades, Here’s Your Chance to Be Heard

battlefield 5 feedback

While DICE has been busy updating Battlefield V regularly, that’s not stopping the studio from seeking feedback regarding some of the shooter’s core gameplay mechanics. Today, DICE Community Manager Jeff Braddock has posted a message seeking Battlefield 5 feedback regarding gadgets, equipment, and grenades.

In Battlefield V, each class has a set of Gadgets that can enhance their effectiveness on the battlefield. From Ammo Pouches to Ammo Crates, Spotting Scopes to the indomitable Panzerfaust, the selection and usage of gadgets can lead to victory or be a factor in the agony of defeat. A proper grenade toss can clear out a house or bounce back and blow up in your face.

Since launch, we’ve seen various comments and threads regarding specific gadgets, equipment, & grenades – what you like, what you don’t, etc. We’ve also seen requests for more gadgets – across all classes and class specific. Some examples below:

Here are some of the feedback examples DICE is looking for:

So here we are. Let’s talk about the Gadgets, Equipment, and Grenades currently in the game – what works, what doesn’t, what seems superfluous. Let’s also talk about gadgets you’d like to see (No laser-designation stuff, nothing post-1945, be realistic).

Keep it constructive, keep it friendly. If you disagree with someone’s point, explain why and share a counterpoint.

You can chime in and be heard by DICE right here.

In other Battlefield V news, the latest trailer for the game’s battle royale mode called “Firestorm,” has been leaked! Watch it here.

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