Battlefield V War Stories Trailer and Gameplay Dropping Next Week

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Since Battlefield V’s reveal. developer DICE has focused mostly on the multiplayer aspect of the game, which is understandable given the franchise’s multiplayer-centric fan base. Lest anyone forgets, there is a single-player component to the game as well, which will be called “War Stories.”

If you’re looking forward to Battlefield V’s full fledged single-player campaign, then you’re in luck! In a super short video, Eric Holmes, Design Director of Battlefield V’s War Stories has revealed that this coming week, players can expect gameplay footage, a trailer, and blog posts from DICE about the mode.

In case you didn’t know, Battlefield V’s single-player mode will be similar to Battlefield 1’s episodic format. Here’s what the official Battlefield website has to say about the mode:

The War Stories of Battlefield™ V portray relatable people facing brutal warfare filled with Battlefield moments. In these intimate single-player stories, you’ll witness World War 2 through the eyes of the men and women who were entangled in a conflict that would change the world forever.

Using the popular anthology format introduced in Battlefield™ 1, each War Story will take players to unexpected fronts, such as the scorching North African desert, the sublime but hostile Norwegian mountains, and several other locations we’ll reveal on the road to Battlefield V.

In other Battlefield V news, don’t forget to check out this in-depth Q&A posted by DICE regarding the game’s weapons. We also get our first look at the dog tags in the game here too.