Here’s Our First Look at Battlefield V Dog Tags, More Gun Customization Footage

battlefield 5 dog tags

One of the things that carried over from old Battlefield games to the current ones are the dog tags, and how they’re used both as a bragging tool and as a way to personalize your character. In Battlefield V, it’ll be the same, though this time, you’ll be able to rotate the Battlefield V dog tags and see them shine and all that.

This was revealed by Ryan McArthur, one of the Producers of Battlefield over on Twitter, where we also got to see silver and gold dog tags looking all shiny.

While we got a glimpse of the progression hub for upcoming unlocks yesterday, check out how the actual visual customization looks in weapons!

Speaking of visual customizations, DICE has heavily hinted at gold gun camos finally being available in Battlefield V! Of course, it remains to be seen whether we actually see it in the game.

For more BFV news, make sure to check back regularly on our Battlefield V hub page.

Battlefield V is set for release this November 20 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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