Battlefield 6 Cryptic “Teaser” “Was a False Alarm Started by a Fan

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Remember that Battlefield 6 (or Battlefield 3 Remaster) “teaser” bit we got last week? Well, I’m here to be the bearer of bad news. It seems that was something a fan cooked up and nothing more.

Over on Twitter, the “TEET” account tweeted a message today admitting that the account and the tweet are fan-made and nothing more. The person who owns the Twitter account has apologized to fans and even to DICE Senior Designer Niklas Astrand for having him get roped in.

Astrand himself tweeted about this today as well, which you can see below the original tweet, where he says:

Starting to feel my dear TEEET got hijacked and forced to be something it was never intended to be. It was and should forever be a Babel EE meme created by you – the BF community.

Never forget this. No matter what you may hear in recent videos.

I’ll let it rest for a while…

Sorry, Battlefield fans! It seems we’re back to square one! Hopefully, we’ll get a tease or something for the next Battlefield game soon. This proves that the community is so thirsty for any Battlefield-related announcements that we’ll jump at the chance at anything, which is both a testament to the community and the people passionate about the franchise.

We’ll keep our eyes peeled for any developments regarding Battlefield 6 or any new announcements regarding the franchise.