Something Battlefield 6 (or Battlefield 3 Remaster) Related Is Happening With Cryptic Teases

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With yesterday’s odd sudden deletion (and then reappearance) of the official Battlefield Twitter account, it seems something Battlefield 6 related is happening right now, and it all started with a cryptic tease.

Battlefield YouTuber JackFrags has posted a video about Battlefield 5 on September 7, and at the end, there’s a weird bit at the end where it focus on a compass and you can hear a tick tock sound. While that might not be enough to go on by itself, DICE Senior Designer Niklas Astrand tweeted that last part with a vague “tick tick tick…” message.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Astrand tweeted a long list of numbers (88.235294117647058823529411764706) as well, which we have no clue what it means — at least for now.

Now, just a few hours ago, a mysterious Twitter account with the name “TEET” surfaced, which posted a short video which shows the exact number Astrand tweeted!

For a brief instance, we can see what appears to be a distorted picture of a tank (via Reddit)

Curiously enough, these teases could very well be about another game and not Battlefield 6! YouTuber DooM49 posted  a video where he postulates that the voice behind the short is very similar to Battlefield 3, which suggests a remaster or remake could be in the cards!

Speaking of Battlefield 3, the official Battlefield account tweeted the following yesterday once it was reactivated once again:

While it could be nothing, the fac that it chose a Battlefield 3 campaign clip could be a hint at what’s coming.

We’re keeping a close eye on this and will update our readers once we know more.

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