Battlefield V Armoured Fist Assignment Update, Upcoming Assignments Adjustments Made Based on Feedback

battlefield 5 level cap increase

If you’re one of the many people tackling Assignments in Battlefield V, then you might have noticed the “Armoured Fist” Assignment, which was a tad frustrating to complete. If so, don’t fret! DICE has heard your pleas and memes, and have made a Battlefield 5 Armoured Fist Assignment update!

Over on Reddit, Global Community Engagement Manager Ben Walke has posted a message announcing the Assignment change.

Armoured Fist Assignment Update from BattlefieldV

We’ve been reading the conversation around the Armoured Fist Assignment, and yes, we’ve seen all the memes.

This is just a quick update to let you know that based on your feedback we’ve made a change via a backend tweak which adjusts the requirements of this Assignment.

This change is already on our live servers and results in the 20 kill requirement being reduced down to 5.

Based on this feedback we’ve also made adjustments to a number of upcoming Assignments.

As always, please do keep the feedback coming.

How’s that for some good news for today, Battlefield V players? In other BFV news, DICE will unveil the latest Grand Operation set to hit the game later this week!

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