Battlefield V Reflex Sight Changed From the Beta Comparison Side by Side

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If you played enough of the Battlefield V open beta, then chances are you’ve unlocked a scope or two for one of your weapons. While there’s not a lot of gun sights available during the era, DICE has still managed to sneak in a gun sight or two that players should be familiar with.

One such gun sight that was available in the beta was the reflex sight. However, in the beta, the sight was tinted a bit too dark, and well, check the comparison shot side by side below.

Not a bad fix, and shows that the studio listens to feedback even for the smallest things, no? That’s not the only thing changing based on beta feedback, though. DICE has listed a set of things that will be tweaked based on user feedback, and it should make a lot of people happy. Speaking of guns, DICE has also mentioned how it’s “not impossible” to see a change in how the gun upgrade system works.

Battlefield V is set to shoot out this November 20 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.