Battlefield V Beta Changes Based on Feedback Listed by DICE

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We’ve been running quite a number of stories regarding some of the changes DICE has confirmed to be making for Battlefield V based on beta feedback. Thankfully, the studio has been very communicative to the Battlefield V player base, and that continues today.

Over on Reddit, Global Community Engagement Manager Dan Mitre shared some of the details DICE will be tweaking based on beta feedback, and it’s a good list!

Squad play and Matchmaking – Several changes are already in place and additional improvements will be made to secure the best possible launch experience.

Attrition – Scarcity of ammo and health is something we want to get just right, and the Open Beta gave us a lot of info on how to balance it.

Visibility – Distance haze, lighting, general contrast and other visibility aspects are being tinkered with, letting you see your enemies better in the world.

Death Experience – We’re adjusting bleed out and spawn times to make your virtual deaths as good as virtual deaths can be.

Vehicles – Damage states, movement, and weaponry of tanks and other vehicles are being tweaked.

TTK and TTD – We’re adjusting automatic weapons to make the Time to Kill and Time to Death as fair and fun as possible.

Progression and Customization – We’re working on making the user journey one that’s smooth and personal.

Chat Profanity Filter on PC – We are evaluating the Open Beta feedback and are making many adjustments for launch.

Granted, the list isn’t super specific to the changes, but so far, so good, it has touched upon some of the concerns players have voiced out on — which we’ve also aired out in our Battlefield V beta impressions piece.

Additionally, DICE has mentioned that a new Dev Talk episode will be airing next week, which will touch upon these upcoming changes. Once we know more details regarding that, we’ll be sure to let our readers know.

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