“Battlefield’s Largest Community Event, Ever” Hits The Web With PTFO Director’s Cut

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PTFO – Play The F***ing Objective: A movement at the very heart of the Battlefield community.

Brought to you by MassNERDerer, Pixel Enemy and Battlefieldo – dubbed “Battefield’s largest community event, ever,” – PTFO Director’s Cut will bring the entire Battlefield 3 community together in an epic, month-long tournament with YouTubers, celebrity guests and most importantly, you. The best part of all, besides a number of prizes? Team-based, objective-oriented gameplay with like-minded, competive Battlefielders!

Starting on May 21st, 2012, viewers will be selected at random, two per week, to partner up with some of the top Battlefield 3 YouTubers and to enter among 40 teams or more competing in a four-week-long Battlefield 3 tournament. Every match will be recorded by at least four different participants and each week, a weekly recap will keep viewers up-to-date on progress of the event. Additionally, viewers can expect post-match follow up videos from some of their favorite YouTubers.

To get involved and to learn more, simply visit the official PTFO Director’s Cut website to sign up and keep yourself updated. You can also check out the current list of Participants including our friends AnonymousAutumn and TheEnd004500 and many others.

Check out the teaser trailer below!