Battlefront 2 Update Undocumented Changes, Here’s What DICE Didn’t Tell You

Yesterday, Star Wars Battlefront II received a big update, addressing many of the issues players had been complaining about. Developer DICE shared many details of the patch in a blog post. However, it looks like some changes were missing from that list.

Over on Reddit, user Tactical_Turtle12 has worked with the community to compile a record of undocumented changes. These range from reduced level requirements, to tweaked Star Cards.

Here’s what the community has found so far:

  • Requirements for purple level has been decreased: Troopers: Level 25 (instead of 50)
  • Heroes: Level 20 (instead of 25)
  • Milestone for weapons in each class are now 50/200/400
  • Milestone for weapons’ mods have been decreased to 25/75/150
  • New option to disable HUD but keep the scopes
  • When reinforcements become available, it’ll state which type. For example: AERIAL AVAILABLE, BOMBER AVAILABLE
  • Yoda can no longer block flame throwers
  • Press A or X to claim loot in career tab now. No more pressing Y or /_\
  • They fixed a bunch of Hero victory poses in the top 5 screen.
  • Phasma’s blaster sounds different
  • New music was added to the game
  • It seems that the AAT was nerfed aswell. The splash damage seems to be lower than it was before the patch. It also seems that playing the objective on GA gives more BP.
  • There is now a bunker buster in the Resurgent Class Star Destroyer map on SF Assault. I had to do a double take.
  • ARC-170 laser cannons now make the same sound as TIE Fighter cannons.
  • Leia’s Card Relentless Firing changed. Now it is increased firing time (time reduction per bullet decreased) at 25%/25%/45%/55%
  • New hero voicelines were added to some abilities to indicate the activation
  • S-5 Laser color was corrected to Green
  • Many reinforcements got their price reduced, some are the same price, some are just lower
  • Defender card for Heavy doesn’t work anymore in Vehicles
  • Destroy a turret in starfighter does not longer give a kill in the scoreboard
  • The Super Battledroid had an animation issue in regards to sprinting and reloading (his arm would go behind his back), is now fixed
  • Battle points gain from Starfighter kills (AI and Players) has been reduced (not 100% on this, might need another person to confirm)
  • Environmental Kills not count as a kill and not as an assist
  • The icon of the ion turret shows a little mark when it’s acquiring targets

That’s a quite a few changes that weren’t documented!

What do you make of Star Wars Battlefront II update 1.1? Happy with the improvements? Let us know.

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Source: Reddit

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