Battlefield 1 “Road to Battlefield V” Stage 5 Event Live, Here Are the Rewards

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If you’re still playing Battlefield 1 (like I am), then you’ve no doubt partaken in DICE’s crossover event for BF1 and the upcoming Battlefield V. Called the “Road to Battlefield V,” it’s an in-gam community-wide challenge that has you doing specific tasks in the game to unlock camos, and other goodies in Battlefield V.

Well, this week’s Road to Battlefield V event is now live on all platforms! We’re not at the fifth stage of the event, and for this week, we’re even getting new soldier sets! Check out the complete set of rewards below.

bf1 road to bf5

Given Battlefield V is set to release in just a few weeks, it’s highly likely that these events will cease once BFV is actually out. Curious about Battlefield V? Check out our hub page for the game where a  ton of news posts and videos are posted.

Go read up on our beta impressions piece, and if you’re curious check out the list of available weapons at launch too.

Source: Reddit