Battlefield 1 “Cape Helles Revision #1” Now Up for a Limited Time, New Turning Tides Dog Tags Revealed

With the release of Battlefield 1’s Turning Tides expansion today, DICE has also rolled out new Battlepack Revisions! Available now and for the next two days until we get the weekly refresh on Thursday, the “Cape Helles Revision #1” Battlepack can be yours now.

Check out the contents of this Battlepack below, as well as the Exchange.

In addition to that, there’s also a bunch of new BF1 Turning Tides dog tags that can be obtained as well. These of course, can be yours by completing specific tasks. Check out the BF1 Turning Tides dog tags below.

Don’t forget: these Battlepacks are available for a limited time only, so try to get them while you can. Having said that though, there’s nothing super interesting in them so use your scraps as you wish.

We’ll have more BF1 Turning Tides content up on MP1st so stay tuned!

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