Battlefield 1 vs Call of Duty: WWII Gun Sounds – Which One Does It Better?

In terms of video game fanboys arguing which game is better, one of the recurring topics is Battlefield vs Call of Duty. And given how this year’s Call of Duty has gone back to the past, just like Battlefield 1 the year before, there’s bound to be a few people who will compare the two. 

While Call of Duty: WWII hasn’t been released just yet, we did have the beta to compare it to. Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to compare the two as a whole give we’ve only tried a portion of COD: WWII’s multiplayer, but for other stuff, it’s fair game. And that’s what we have here today. YouTuber PC Gaming Videos has compiled a BF1 vs COD: WWII gun sounds comparison video where each game’s version of the same gun is fired for a whole six minutes. Which game has the better sounding guns? Watch the video above and judge for yourself.

So, which one does it better? Are there any big differences at all? Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Rest assured, we’ll be doing a ton of comparison stuff between BF1 and COD: WWII once the latter releases this November 3.

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