BF2042: Battlefield Portal Custom Experiences XP & Progression Update Rolled Out, Here’s What Got Changed

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Those who want prefer playing Battlefield Portal than All-Out War in Battlefield 2042, Ripple Effect Studios (Battlefield Portal devs) has made changes to the XP and progression in Custom Experiences. The big news here is progression changes made, whcih depend on specific modifiers and the Rules Editor.

Here’s a look at what was revealed by Ripple Effect Studios via the official Battlefield Direct Communication Twitter account (for the sake of our readers, we’ve compiled the tweets in one go for an easier read):

Building your own Custom Experience in #BattlefieldPortal means you can earn either Full, Moderate or Restricted Progression.

The type of Progression earned in Custom Experiences depends on usage of specific Modifiers, or the Rules Editor.

Refer to the attached chart.

Full - All Experiences Without Modifiers or Rules Editor Changes

Full Player XP, Mastery, Ribbon XP, Weekly Missions.

Moderate - Custom Experiences Without Rules Editor, AI or Damage / Health Modifiers.

Player XP, Mastery, Ribbon XP, Weekly Missions

Restricted - Custom Experiences Using Rules Editor, AI or Damage /  Health Modifiers
Player XP, Master Unavailable, Ribbon XP Unavailable, Weekly Missions Unavailable

For example, using any Modifiers other than Damage, Health or AI Modifiers means an experience will grant Moderate Progression.

If Modifiers and the Rules Editor remain unchanged, your Custom Experiences will deliver Full Progression.

Image showcases a yellowed area that would alter Moderate Progression within a Custom Experience. Using any Modifiers other than Damage, Health or AI would result in the Custom Experience becoming Moderate Progression.

Altering settings within the Rules Editor would mean Restricted Progression is applied to the Custom Experience.

Our #BattlefieldPortal Web Builder will also be receiving an update to display whether your Custom Experience will receive Full, Moderate or Restricted Progression – based on your choices when creating.

Below is an example of what you can expect to see in a future update.

Image displays three columns, each showcasing different settings that would highlight if Full, Moderate or Restricted progression applies to the current Custom Experience in the Battlefield Portal Web Builder.

In addition to that, Ripple Effect Studios rolled out a server-side fix that restores limited HUD functionality to Rush Hardcore, which is the Featured Experience in Battlefield Portal.

Finally, Ripple Effect Studios announced that they are reviewing further improvements, and once they can share more info, the’ll let the players know.

Hopefully, this upswing of updates will continue throughout the year. We’re keeping an eye out on the May patch, and once we know more about it, we’ll let our readers know.

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