Battlefield 2042 Animations, Input Getting Updates, “Exposure” Map References Spotted in Patch 4.0

Battlefield 2042 Animations

With DICE’s latest patch for Battlefield 2042, the studio unloaded a ton of fixes and improvements to the beleaguered shooter. Fortunately for those still playing (and enjoying) the game, DICE isn’t done with improvements just yet, as the studio confirmed that Battlefield 2042 animations and even its input for consoles are getting updates!

This was revealed by Lead Gameplay Designer Florian Le Bihan over on Twitter when he answered player concerns.

Le Bihan also confirmed that input will also be worked on especially for last-gen consoles.

Speaking of patch 4.0, reliable Battlefield dataminer temporyal has spotted references to the unreleased “Exposure” map in the game’s files due to the update! In case you didn’t know, we reported on Exposure being in the game’s files way back in February, and it looks like DICE is still working on it, as more references for it — which include new player cards — have been spotted!

Same as with any datamined info, there is no guarantee that Exposure/Ridge will make its way into the game. That said, the fact that more references for it are in teh game’s patches are a good sign that this map is part of the content rollout planned by DICE.

Aside from this map reference, a lot more has been unearthed via patch 4.0. There are new cosmetics spotted, Specialist reworks, and even weekly missions which suggest a June start date for the game’s first season. Hopefully, the patch planned for May is meaty enough that it once again contains a ton of improvements, but also more game files that give us a glimpse of the plans for the shooter.

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