BF3 – DICE Responds to PS3 Exclusivity, No 5-Flag Wake Island on Consoles, and More

With the recent release of Back to Karkand on PS3 a week earlier than the Xbox 360 and PC, some fans have gotten up-in-arms over the issue of exclusivity. Gameplay Designer on Battlefield 3, Gustav Halling, weighs in on the situation, simply saying, “Xbox got COD, Sony signed us, thats the way of the economical world we live in.” This is obviously Sony’s attempt to level the playing field, what with Microsoft striking a deal with Activision in order for Xbox 360 players to receive recent Call of Duty map packs a full month earlier than other platforms. It seems like a fair move on Sony’s part, but with such a big hit title like Battlefield 3, it’s easy to see why everyone wants to get their hands on the expansions right away.

Some of you may remember DICE confirming that all Back to Karkand maps would have 3 and 5-flag conquest variants on console. Unfortunately, the recent release of this new expansion has proven that this is not so. In the case of the beloved Battlefield 2 map, Wake Island, where many fans are used to battling over the traditional 5 flags, it has many console players upset that only 3-flags have been included. Gustav Halling explains, “We tried it, Wake, 5 flags, 24 players=1on1 at the flags. The other maps have 2 setups for console. BF43 Wake was 25% smaller.” So, apparently, the Battlefield 1943 version of Wake Island was 25% smaller, meaning it was more feasible to have 5 flags with 24 players. When asked why console players simply didn’t get the 25% smaller version of Wake Island, Halling responded, “If you want smaller maps play BF1943, BF3 is about epic warfare.”

Fortunately, it seems like we might see some changes that many fans have been asking for in the near future. When asked if it would eventually be possible to play on the same map twice, switching sides after each round of a game-type, Halling answered, “it’s coming but requires a backend restart. So, next planned maintenance. So, next week tuesday as the latest.” It’s only fair that teams are allowed a chance at payback!

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. What do you think about these “exclusivity” deals? Are you upset Wake Island doesn’t have 5 flags on console? Would you prefer switching sides after each round in Battlefield 3? Also, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook!

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