BF3 – EA Has “Gotten a Handle On” Server Issues. “Should be Solid” Now

In a recent EA earnings conference call, Frank Gibeau, EA Games Label President, spoke of the state of EA’s servers that are currently supporting the online portion of Battlefield 3.

One investor in particular asked, “we’re hearing there’s some issues with recent server outages that prevented gamers from accessing the multiplayer game. Did these servers go down due to a larger-than-expected demand or was it some other issue?” Gibeau answered, “In terms of the network services, we have had unprecedented and historic peaks in terms of the activity that we’re getting from the Battlefield community and players, and it’s caused parts of our networks to experience some outages.”

This is something many players have obviously has issues with in the first few days after launch. However, it seems EA is getting the hang of things according to Gibeau. “We were very rapid in our response there. We were able to get those back up. We feel like we’ve really gotten a handle on it now, and the service as it scales to the release in Europe this weekend, should be solid.”

Also, look for an upcoming patch in the next couple of weeks!

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