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EA to Pull the Plug on 11 Console and 3 Mobile Games News 9

News 9 EA has announced that 14 games will no longer have online functionality by April 13th. The first round takes place on March 31st, and consists of 3 three iOS games, including the abysmal Battlefield 3 Aftershock, which was pulled from the App store recently. The second round on April 13th will render the online functionality for eleven consoles games absolute. Some […]

BF3 – Physical Warfare Pack Available to All, plus How to Deal with Cheaters and View Server Status News 6

News 6 We have some exciting new updates for you guys, as well as future fixes for Battlefield 3 that you can look forward to. The first bit of great news is that the Physical Warfare Pack, available as an exclusive pre-order bonus to GameStop, will soon be available to all players. DICE stated that “All of […]

BF3 – EA Has “Gotten a Handle On” Server Issues. “Should be Solid” Now News 17

News 17 In a recent EA earnings conference call, Frank Gibeau, EA Games Label President, spoke of the state of EA’s servers that are currently supporting the online portion of Battlefield 3. One investor in particular asked, “we’re hearing there’s some issues with recent server outages that prevented gamers from accessing the multiplayer game. Did these servers go down […]