BF3 – Physical Warfare Pack Available to All, plus How to Deal with Cheaters and View Server Status

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We have some exciting new updates for you guys, as well as future fixes for Battlefield 3 that you can look forward to.

The first bit of great news is that the Physical Warfare Pack, available as an exclusive pre-order bonus to GameStop, will soon be available to all players. DICE stated that “All of our players will be happy to know that Physical Warfare Pack will be available to everyone in the future!” Exactly when has yet to be revealed. This pack includes weapons like the Type 88 LMG and the DAO-12 Shotgun, as well attachments like the SKS Sniper Rifle flash suppressor, and DAO-12 flechette ammunition.

With the EA servers constantly shutting down for short periods of time lately, EA has provided us with a server status webpage where we can visit in order to find out the current status of servers on all three platforms. This page is currently in Beta, so expect a few minor changes here and there in the future.

In case you’ve missed it, DICE has also released a server-side patch recently that should hopefully have fixed many connectivity and lag issues that players have been experiencing. It also should provide fixes for the rather unorganized spawn system found in TDM and SQTDM. You can find the patch notes here! Speaking of improvements, Karl-Magnus Troedsson reveals seven ways Battlefield 3 is improving on the Battlefield Dev Blog. These include:

  • Quick Match Functionality
  • Joining Squads and Staying There
  • Hardcore Server Availability
  • Lag and Rubber Banding
  • Default Region Setting In Server Browser
  • Game Stability
  • Origin Installation and Authentication Issues

As for dealing with cheaters in the Battlefield 3 online multiplayer, DICE has stated that they would like you to visit the Origin Help Center if you feel the need to report someone. Of course, any issues you run into should also be reported on the Battlelog or through any other feedback channels like Twitter or Reddit.

With many issues slowly being fixed, one major concern still plagues the Battlefield: squad connectivity. Many players are still experiencing difficulties joining a game with a squad and staying in one. DICE assures us that “we know that team play is at the heart of Battlefield 3. As such we are working to resolve concerns about the squads.” We can most likely expect updates in the near future via a patch, which should also include:

Changes to the SCAR-H

Adjustments to Pistols, Jests and UMP-45

Fixes for aiming and PP-2000

To stay informed about updates to Battlefield 3, make sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Missed our Battlefield 3 multiplayer review? You can check it out here!

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