BF3 – Veterans Get M1911 Exclusively, Operation Metro Different in Beta, & Graphics Cards

Consider this the first Battlefield 3 news round up of many to come, post-beta-announcement.




UPDATE: M1911 is available to all Gun Club members. No need to be a Battlefield Veteran.

Many have been wondering what the new Veteran Weapon will be in Battlefield 3 and it seems that the EA Gun Club has officially revealed exactly what that weapon would be:

The M1911 hand-gun.

Members of the EA Gun Club will also have access to the following, on top of the M1911 veteran weapon.

  • Challenges: Show off your shooter skills.
  • Badges: Collect badges by playing games and interacting in the Gun Club community. Some badges are just for fun, while others are needed to redeem rewards.
  • Rewards: Get exclusive access and deals for being a Gun Club member and early access to game betas.
  • Community: Get updates from your friends, visit the forums, and get active on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Media and Intel: Get the latest details on EA’s hottest shooters.
  • Much more.

Included in the information blowout today was the fact that Operation Metro would be the featured map in the Battlefield 3 beta. Alan Kerts, aka Demize99, was asked on Twitter whether or not more maps would be included, to which he responded, “Commenting on this later. Beta will maybe show a different map. Need to check back with the dev team.” Being a while since the Alpha version of BF3, many fans were also wondering whether or not the featured Operation Metro map has been modified at all since then. To this Daniel Matros, aka zh1nt0, answered, “Yes. We┬┤ve made a lot of changes to it.

Wondering about PC system specifications? Dice has officially clarified minimum and recommended system specs which you can view here. Trying to get more specifics, one fan asked Mr. Matros if one GTX580 could run the game on ultra setting, or whether or not two would be required. Mr. Matros simply replied, “2.”

Make sure to read up on how to enter the Battlefield 3 beta early!

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