BioWare: Anthem Demo Players “Nearly Universally” Liked What They Played

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Just a few weekends ago, BioWare held two demo playtests for Anthem. While the first weekend, dubbed the “VIP Demo,” had quite a few technical hiccups, the second demo weekend which was open to everyone went a lot more swimmingly.

According to BioWare Lead Producer Michael Gamble, aside from the technical issues, the Anthem demo reaction they got from players was a positive one, and mentions that the people who tried it, “nearly universally” liked what they tried.

In looking and editing all the data together, the demo was pretty successful for us on a couple things. One: The people who played the demo, more often than not, nearly universally, liked what they played. The bugs got in the way in a big way. And I think when you see the mixed sentiment coming out of people, it was usually, “Hey this game has legs, the foundation, the core, moment-to-moment gameplay feels solid, but I’m concerned about the bugs.” So we got that a lot.

Speaking of bugs, Gamble reiterated that they “felt good” about the bugs present in the demo, as most were already fixed for the final game, which they’ve mentioned previously.

And a lot of the bugs that we did see, we felt good about because they were either, A) Already fixed, or B) Things that we had not reproduced consistently on our side and now we have a pretty good reproduction case for, and then we can fix it.

Do you agree with BioWare? Did you like what you played minus the technical issues? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

If you want to read up on what we thought of the demo, here’s our hands-on impressions. Our Anthem review will be out close or around the launch date of February 22, 2019, since we want to test the game out in a full squad, and in real world conditions.

Source: BusinessInsider

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4 years ago

But what will this mean when it flops hard?

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