BioWare: Anthem Single-Player Info Coming in the Future, Hold Judgement Until You See the Games

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With EA’s shuttering of Dead Space and Battlefield Hardline developer Visceral Games, some might be wondering if this signals the death of the single-player titles at publisher EA. Couple that with the focus of EA on loot boxes and the like, some gamers might see this as proof that future titles in the company’s stable, like the announced Anthem, won’t feature single-player at all.

That’s apparently, not the case according to BioWare Producer Michael Gamble. Over on Twitter, Gamble answered fans who theorized that the departure of some of BioWare’s employees signal the end of single-player games.

When asked if Anthem will have a strong, story-driven campaign, or whether it’ll be just a third-person multiplayer shooter to which Gamble can only reply that we’ll know the answer to that in the future.

Well, there you go. More info on Anthem single-player (or lack thereof) in the future, and judge the games when they’re out. Gotcha! 

In other Anthem news, the share-world shooter is expected to have a beta, though it’s quite far off.

Are you expecting Anthem to have a single-player component? Do you expect it to be good or has Mass Effect Andromeda soured that for you?

Source: Michael Gamble (Twitter) via GamingBolt