[Updated] Black Ops 2 Trailer Analysis Reveals Potential Killstreaks, Weapons, Vehicles and Timeline

With the official Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 trailer having just gone live, it’s time to break it down and discover what Treyarch has to offer in this instalment of the Call of Duty franchise.

We discover the weapons, vehicles and potential multiplayer killstreaks that players will be using in this brand new, near-future setting. Let’s get started.


You’ll notice the name “Charlene” etched into this particular Quadrotor featured in our first screen. It just so happens to be the same name FPSRussia gave his Prototype Quadrotor in his viral video. This baby will almost surely be making it into Black Ops 2’s multiplayer.

Quadrotor Front

This last screen here shows the first-person view from the Quadrotor and also reveals a few points of interest. For one, you can see the controls at the bottom which are most likely assigned to the d-pad. You can also notice two different objective markers, “Protect” and “Secure.” Additionally, it also looks like players will have the ability to control a squad or a team using the left and right alternate triggers. This shot is most likely from the single player but will probably translate over to the multiplayer as well.

Also, Treyarch did promise “non-linear gameplay elements” in the single player campaign which would explain the multiple objectives which can most likely be tackled in any order here.

Update: It has been revealed that this is most likely a shot of Treyarch’s newly introduced game mode, Strike Force, a tactical sandbox game mode which will allow players to control multiple squads and vehicles to accomplish various objectives.

Quadrotor View

Remote Turrets:

These remote turrets are begging to be included as a multiplayer kill/pointstreak.

Update: according to The Verge this remote turret is known as Autonomous Ground Robot (A.G.R.).


Other Vehicles:

Many of the vehicles here don’t seem to have any specific names that can be researched as they do not yet exist, or so we believe. Since Treyarch seems to be focusing on advanced technology in this instalment, many of the vehicles we see this time around will most likely be unmanned and controlled remotely. The real question is what type of role will vehicles have in Black Ops 2’s multiplayer? Will they be kill/point streaks? Will they be available to all players as tanks were in World at War?

Update: This walking tank is referred to as the Cognitive Land Assault Weapon (C.L.A.W.).


Though it may seem unlikely that jets like this F-35-type jet would make it into Black Ops 2’s multiplayer, this one in particular does have the ability to hover and could most likely be controlled like the chopper gunner in the original Black Ops.

F-35 Hovering
Cockpit View 1
Cockpit View 2
Jet View

This image below shows the same jet as above but also includes what looks like an unmanned X-45 on the far right.

Manned and Unmanned Jets

This unmanned combat air vehicle (UCAV) was teased earlier in an image released by Treyarch. This guy definitely has the potential to make it into Black Ops 2’s multiplayer.

Predator C Avenger (UCAV)
Predator C Avenger (UCAV)

This could possibly be the first-person view from the Predator C Avenger shown above.

Drone View

Below is the first-person view from the X-47 Pegasus, another UCAV, which will surely also be included in Black Ops 2’s multiplayer. In fact, the second image below oddly shows the player earning “55” points for killing an enemy on the ground. Could this be multiplayer footage? If not, it could also mean the return of Arcade Mode, where players earn completion points in the single player campaign.

Update: This could once again be footage from Treyarch’s new game mode, Strike Force.

X-47 Pegasus
X-47 Pegasus in 'Strike Force'

Could this be the outside view of the unmanned X-47?

X-47 Pegasus


Horses = The New Snowmobiles


Below is a high-tech, semi-automatic or fully-automatic pistol or machine pistol that could potentially have functions other than firing bullets. It will be interesting to use weapons in Black Ops 2’s multiplayer that might not even exist yet.

Update: Thanks to Arkitek from the Call of Duty forums, we’ve learned that this weapon is most likely the KARD manufactured by KRISS.


If you check out the holster on this soldier’s right hip, you can see what looks like an M1911 hand gun.


This weapon below looks very close to the XM8, a prototype assault rifle whose development was was cancelled in 2005. In Black Ops 2’s timeline, production may have began once again a few years later.


The screen below shows the silhouette of a man holding what looks like an M16 Assault Rifle. This could either be a flashback scene of when the rifle was still in use, or this character may simply have a taste for more classic weapons. With the uncertainty of highly advanced weapons, less modernized weapons could prove more reliable.


This light machine gun (LMG) below looks similar to the M240 in previous Call of Duty games.

Update: MP1st reader Jonathan Stoffregen has pointed out that this weapon looks like the M249 SAW LMG.

M249 SAW

The AK-47/74/101 makes a return in Black Ops 2.

Update: MP1st reader v0id has pointed out that this is most likely the AN-94 Abakan.

AN-94 Abakan

Update: GamerSpawn has noticed this soldier holding an AK-47.


Another futuristic, high-tech weapon that looks to be some sort of shotgun, though it does have what looks like a higher-powered optic (4x?) attached to it.

Update: It’s a little hard to tell, but this weapon actually has three barrels.

Future tri-barrelled Shotgun?

Mystery Pistol:

Lastly, there’s still the mysterious pistol held by the soldier in the featured image which we have yet to learn the name of.


The dates in the trailer indicate a timeline from July 23rd, 1986 to June 12th, 2025 while the narration voiced by returning Black Ops character, Sgt. Frank Woods (teased earlier by Treyarch), takes place on June 19th 2025. It also seems that October 23rd, 1987 has some sort of significance.

It might also be worth mentioning that a total lunar takes place on September 7th, 2025, the same year in which this game takes place. There may be some sort of connection seeing as Treyarch has teased the word “eclipse” numerous times. Of course, Black Ops 2 will be releasing on November 13th, 2012, which also happens to be the day of a total solar eclipse.

July 23rd, 1986
October 23rd, 1987
June 12, 2025
June 19th, 2025

Anything we missed? Make sure to check out the trailer here and help us out in the comments below!

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