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Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2 Apocalypse Map Pack Achievements/Trophies Revealed News 29

News 29 With Black Ops 2’s fourth and final DLC, Apocalypse Map Pack, being released this upcoming Tuesday for the Xbox 360 – PC and PlayStation 3 platforms at a later date – you can now take a glance at what the latest update is set to add in terms of achievements/trophies. The folks over at PS3Trophies, have […]

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Perks “Can and Will Be Nerfed” Post-Release News 33

News 33 David Vonderhaar has been discussing and revealing post-release support plans for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. He explains that in-game perks will probably get refined and changed to reflect the community’s opinions and play style. Treyarch’s Game Designer Director states that the current Perk system has become “too complex” and that Treyarch wanted to focus […]

[Updated] Report – Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Hints, Min PC Specs, Incoming Trailer, Public Demo Event, and More News 50

News 50 As we enter the final stretch before Black Ops 2’s multiplayer reveal, which is believed to take place at Gamescom, we’ve decided to compile a list of the latest tidbits and hints that we didn’t think they were worthy of individual pieces. There is a fair amount of speculation down below, so this one is filed under […]

Black Ops II – Treyarch Dev Responds to Xbox 360 Favoritism Claims From PS3 Camp News 152

News 152 Update: The thread has been deleted. We couldn’t find a cached version of Vonderhaar’s quotes, but here is the only one we had left open. Original Story: One thread titled ‘BO2 on PS3: Lack of Developer Interaction and Dialogue’ on the official Black Ops II forums has attracted 208 replies, many of which came from disgruntled […]

$300 Black Ops II Headset Detailed, Presets Optimized By Treyarch and Prompts Recorded by Voice Actors News 25

News 25 New details have emerged about one of the Black Ops II-themed Turtle Beach headsets, the high-end Ear Force Tango. Priced at $300, the Ear Force Tango will have a slew of features packed in. However, there are two features that seem to be exclusive to the Black Ops II Ear Force Tango. Unlike the other Ear Force headsets and […]

Activision Applies For Black Ops II Trademarks, Including ‘There’s a Soldier in All of Us’ News 13

News 13 Activision has recently applied for a few Black Ops II-related trademarks, according to Fusible. The trademarks include the following: The Roman Numeral II Obviously, the number “2” in the Black Ops II logo is in roman numerals. The Future is Black First tagline used for the game was “The Future is Black”, as featured in […]

Brand New Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Campaign Villain Trailer News 80

News 80 Activision finally reveals the much-talked about antagonist in the newest Call of Duty: Black Ops II trailer. “Raul Menendez is idolized as the Messiah of the 99%, yet underneath the surface lurks an insidious mastermind hell bent on global insurrection,” reads the official description. What’s interesting about this villain compared to baddies in other games […]

Black Ops II – Treyarch on Re-imagined Maps, Nuketown 2025, New Black Ops Easter Egg, Why Nuketown is Popular News 4

News 4 Dan Bunting of Treyarch breaks down exactly why Nuketown was not only one of Black Ops’ most popular multiplayer maps, but one of Call of Duty’s most popular multiplayer maps in general and hints at what kind of goodies we can expect to find in Black Ops II’s recently announced Nuketown 2025. He also spills […]

Black Ops II Nuketown 2025 Pre-Order Bonus Now Live At GameStop and Best Buy News 0

News 0 Update: Added Amazon’s pre-order bonuses. Nuketown 2025 is still not live at, Best Buy Canada, and UK’s GAME. GameStop and Best Buy have updated their Black Ops II product listings for all platforms with the pre-order bonus map Nuketown 2025, which was officially announced yesterday by Activision. Both retailers have added the multiplayer map […]

Black Ops II Pre-Order Bonus Map ‘Nuketown 2025’ Now Official, First Details Revealed News 46

News 46 Now it’s official, pre-order Black Ops II and get Nuketown 2025 for free. “Just as it played with the developers, Nuketown became a fan-favorite in Call of Duty: Black Ops almost immediately after the game’s release,” writes Treyarch in the latest dev blog. Nuketown is certainly one of the most popular maps the franchise has seen […]

Retailer Confirms Black Ops II’s Free Pre-Order Map ‘Nuketown 2025’ for All Platforms – Updated News 33

News 33 Update 2: The Black Ops II section of the official Call of Duty website has been updated with a ‘Nuketown 2025’ banner above the pre-order button. You can see the banner in the top right corner below on the navigation bar, thanks to MP1st forum user poklaan for the tip! Also, Best Buy has released its pre-order deals for Black Ops […]

How to Balance Black Ops II’s Perk System, Solutions for Ghost News 85

News 85 The Call of Duty community is so large that there will never be a solution that will please everyone when it comes to perk balancing. It’s likely that even those of you reading this piece will disagree with me on some of these ideas. That’s okay. That’s what makes this community great. We all have […]

Report – Black Ops II Getting Pre-Order Bonus ‘Nuketown 2025’ Multiplayer Map News 90

News 90 Final Update: It’s official now, here’s the first details. Throughout the last few days, we’ve seen a number of forum users reporting that Black Ops II pre-order bonus posters for “Nuketown 2025”  multiplayer map have been showing up at their local retailers. It seems that the popular map from the original Black Ops, Nuketown, will get a […]

Rumor – Black Ops II for Wii U Releasing This Fall? News 13

News 13 According to the latest issue of Nintendo Gamer magazine, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 appears to be headed to Nintendo’s new console Wii U. The magazine has the game set to release in November, but keep in mind that Nintendo has yet to reveal when the Wii U launches. Black Ops II will release […]

E3 2012 – Black Ops II Behind-the-Scenes Video, MP and Zombies Discussed News 21

News 21 “The multiplayer community is everything to us. We have such an avid fan base,” says Treyarch in a brand new behind-the-scenes video for Black Ops II. In this video, the folks over at Treyarch go through all three components of the game with main emphasis on the campaign, as you know the studio is saving zombies and […]

Second Black Ops II Trailer Now Live, Has Some New Footage News 40

News 40 Treyarch and Activision have released a “new” Black Ops II trailer that contains a few pieces of new footage. The only new weapon revealed is an Anti-Aircraft weapon firing missiles at aircraft above. This is the second trailer for the game since the initial reveal earlier this month. You can find the latest Black Ops II news […]

Black Ops II To Include a New Knifing System and SnD-Inspired Game Mode? News 74

News 74 Little has been confirmed about the gameplay and game modes of Black Ops II’s multiplayer other than the fact that it will be set in the year 2025, as confirmed earlier by Studio Head at Treyarch Mark Lamia, and other than what we’ve discovered in our trailer analysis. However, since Black Ops II’s reveal on […]

[Update] Are These Leaked Black Ops 2 Screenshots Real? News 44

News 44 Update: It has been reported that these images could be modified screens of DUST 514 and, therefore, could quite possibly be fake. The same YouTuber, zevodesign, “leaked” this “Black Ops 2” image below which is straight from the DUST 514 trailer. Consider these debunked. Thanks to Josh and many other readers for the info! Original Story: If Black […]

New Black Ops 2 Weapon Teased, Ties to Quadrotor Viral Video News 24

News 24 Treyarch’s new Black Ops 2 promotional material reveals a new weapon and ties back to an earlier tease in FPS Russia’s viral Quadrotor video. Below are two images, the top one being of Treyarch’s new YouTube background, and the bottom one being of a new Black Ops 2 promotional poster. You’ll notice that both feature […]

Black Ops 2 Pre-Order Bonuses in NA and UK, Amazon Day 1 Pre-Order Numbers 10 Times Higher Than BO1 News 53

News 53 Previously, we reported that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has seen three times the number of pre-orders compared to the original Black Ops in 2010 since its announcement on May 1st. However, Amazon has revealed even more startling numbers. According to IGN, Amazon has revealed that Black Ops 2 has seen ten times the number of day […]

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