New Black Ops 2 Weapon Teased, Ties to Quadrotor Viral Video

Treyarch’s new Black Ops 2 promotional material reveals a new weapon and ties back to an earlier tease in FPS Russia’s viral Quadrotor video.

Below are two images, the top one being of Treyarch’s new YouTube background, and the bottom one being of a new Black Ops 2 promotional poster. You’ll notice that both feature what we presume to be the same soldier in earlier promotional material to be holding a weapon we’ve not yet seen. To check out all the weapons in Black Ops 2 we’ve discovered so far, make sure to check out our latest trailer analysis.

This weapon looks to be some sort of M4 variant, a standard assault rifle that has been featured in all Modern Warfare games (similarly, the Commando in Black Ops), perhaps with some Magpul modifications. Could this be what a modified version would look like in the year 2025? (Speaking of the setting, make sure to check out our new poll on the right-hand side bar!) It will be interesting to see what Treyarch’s depictions of weapons we use today will look like in the year 2025.

Treyarch's YouTube Background

(Thanks,  James K.)

Black Ops 2 Poster

(Thanks, Charlie INTEL.)

Additionally, the weapon this soldier is holding above looks extremely similar to one of the assault rifles that FPS Russia had lying next to him on a table in his recent viral Quadrotor video, which you can check out in action here if you haven’t yet. Take a look at the bottom-right hand corner (below), on the table. Two weapons appear. While the left-most one has yet to be identified (is that a two-barrelled assault rifle? Well, it still ain’t no triple-barrelled shotty), the one just to the left is surely the same weapon as above. The magazine, foregrip and sights all look very similar.

FPS Russia and "Charlene"

What can you gather from the images above? Can you make out what the double-barrelled weapon on the left is?

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