Black Ops II – Treyarch Respects Your Play Style, More on Audio Design For Competitive Gamers

Treyarch’s Studio Head Mark Lamia discusses improvements making their way to Black Ops II’s sound design and how your play style will be respected in the highly anticipated multiplayer.

Speaking to Jeff Schine during a recent Roll Call episode on Elite TV wrapping up this year’s E3, Lamia detailed the improvements that the Treyarch team will be making in the audio department to better compliment your home theater system or gaming headsets. This includes “the audio landscape, the weapons and the way they sound in the different environments,” explains Lamia. He continues, mentioning that “all the care and attention that’s being taken for that is so critical. We’re doing mixing for the different headsets, for all the different types of home theater systems that you guys have. Really been paying attention.”

He adds, “we know it’s important, not only for people at home, but for people who compete. We’re seeing this phenomena with Esports out in the world. We’re paying attention to that phenomena and we think Call of Duty has a very important part in that world, not only from the technology that we’re creating, but our level design and how we’re setting up our games so that those people who like to compete are going to have a great competitive experience.”

This falls in line with previous statements made by Lamia when he previously detailed matchmaking improvements intended to create a better experience for both vets and newcomers in Black Ops II.

However, with the wide array of players that the Call of Duty franchise already houses, plus the influx of new faces bound to show up this November 13th, how can Treyarch be sure to make everyone happy? Lamia states one way is to respect everyone’s play style and to accomodate for that.

He explains, “we know there’s a lot of you guys out there – everyone from the casual and beginner player to the most advanced. Respecting each of your play styles, we are giving a hardcore look at all of our core systems in the game and we are making sure that no matter what kind of play style you have, you’re going to be able to play that inside Call of Duty: Black Ops II.” Interestingly, this makes the recently rumored point allocation system in Black Ops II’s multiplayer seem all the more likely.

Are you looking forward to more audio improvements to Black Ops II? What do you think Treyarch has planned in order to accomodate your play style better in the multiplayer?

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