Blizzard Announces Diablo 3 Expansion Pack: Reaper of Souls, Adds New Playable Class and Act

Today, Diablo 3 fans will have something to look forward to. Blizzard – keeping true to their words – have just announced during Gamscom 2013 that an upcoming expansion pack for Diablo 3 is set to be made available in the near future

The expansion called ‘Reaper Of Souls’ is said to be a ‘feature-rich expansion’ and will introduce a new playable class called the Crusader, who will be a mid-range melee class with a combat style centered around shields, flails and mid-range spells, bringing the total number of playable classes up to six.

Along side the new playable class, Diablo 3 players will also receive a new act and get to fight against new enemies such as the Seraphs, Executioner and fallen Death Maidens, as well as a new reigning enemy, the Malthael, who is working to reap demons and humans alike.

Additionally, those who already reached the current level cap of 60 and have been itching to level your character once again will be pleased to know that Reaper Of Souls will feature an additional ten levels, bringing the level cap up to 70.

That’s not all, though. Blizzard is also working on offering more options for Diablo 3’s endgame, which will see an upgrade to the game’s paragon system where it will now be account-wide and will have no restrictions in terms of paragon points used to tweak statistics of your characters. The endgame upgrade will also include 15 to 20 minute loot runs.

Speaking of loot, Blizzard will be putting a bigger emphasis on the loot drops in Diablo 3 with this expansion, dubbing it ‘loot 2.0’, which will see players receive fewer drops in quantity, but see a better quality in drops over all. It will also offer a higher percent chance that any legendary item drops will be geared toward your character class.

Lastly, Reaper Of Souls is also set to introduce a new artisan, the mystic, who is able to transmogrify items which will change their appearance and enchant them which re-rolls their affects.

We’ll be keeping our eyes open for more Diablo 3: Reaper of Soul news in the coming days. For now, check out some new footage of the expansion

[youtube id=”Cb7QJwQ58T0″ width=”618″ height=”378″]

[youtube id=”zGp5dkJdi0w” width=”618″ height=”378″]

Thanks, Polygon.

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