Bloober CEO Believes 10 Million Copies Sold for Their Games Is a “Realistic” Range for the Studio Soon (Update)

While it’s hard to deny that Silent Hill 2 is one of the most popular survival horror games ever released, it looks like Bloober Team is counting on the Silent Hill 2 remake to sell a boatload of copies. How much? Try about 10 million — at least, according to the studio’s boss.

In an interview with Polish site Bankier (translated via DeepL), Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno reasons that based on market research, games made by Bloober Team have developed a sales ceiling of two million copies, while the survival horror bar has set it higher at several million copies. With this in mind, “We can assume that 10 million copies sold is a range that will soon be realistic for us,” Babieno said.

I have no doubt that old school Silent Hill fans (like me), and newcomers alike are looking forward to playing the Silent Hill 2 remake, but still, 10 million copies is a lot to ask for a game, no? What do I know, though? I’m not a game developer or on the business side of things.

For reference, Bloober Team’s last major release, The Medium, did turn a profit that covered the dev and marketing costs, though there’s no actual sales figures officially released.

Do you think Silent Hill 2 remake will be able to sell 10 million copies once it’s released? Speaking of which, the game is “technically finished” according to Babieno, with the release date/schedule now solely on Konami’s court.

Update: We’ve reached out to a native Polish speaker for clarity on the story, and we’ve surmised that things got muddied up in translation. We apologize for any confusion this might have caused, and have updated the story to reflect the proper thought conveyed in the original article.

Here’s the translation as provided to us:

“Można założyć, że 10 mln sprzedanych kopii to zasięg, który niedługo będzie dla nas realny” – powiedział Babieno” translates to “You can assume that 10 million copies sold is within a range that will be realistic for us soon.”

This means that the studio isn’t expecting 10 million copies from Silent Hill 2’s remake, but more on how the studio is confident that with them dipping their toes in the survival horror genre, that this 10M number will be achievable at some point soon.

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