Bloober: Silent Hill 2 Remake Is Technically Ready, Though Not Finished; Release Depends on Konami

silent hill 2 remake

While the Silent Hill 2 remake being developed by Bloober Team still doesn’t have a release date, it seems that development on the game is a lot further along than we thought, as the game is “technically finished” according to the studio.

Speaking Polish publication bankier (via ResetEra), Bloober Team CEO Piotr Babieno states (translated by DeepL) that the release of Silent Hill 2 is not directly in their hands.

Silent Hill 2 is technically ready. It doesn’t mean that the game is finished, but we are close. However, the issues of the release schedule lie with our partners, what the promotion will look like and when the title will debut is not directly in our hands

This is definitely good news for horror fans, as not only did we get the awesome reimagining of Dead Space this January, but we’re also set to get Resident Evil 4 remake this week as well. Hopefully, with the game’s development this far out, we’ll hear word on a proper release date soon.

Silent Hill 2 is set for release on the PS5 and PC though there’s no specific release date announced just yet.

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2 months ago

You forgot it is releasing for PC as well on Steam…. 😉

Alex Co
Reply to  Styphoryte
2 months ago

Fair point! Amended! Thanks! =)

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