Bluepoint Games Is “Remaking a Classic” Once Again, Hiring Senior Graphics Engineer

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Bluepoint Games is looking for a senior graphics engineer to help remake “a classic for current-gen game systems.” The new hire will be joining the team to develop “AAA titles for [the] latest-gen home consoles.” It’s not clear what game is being worked on, but the job listing offers some hints.

Here’s what the job consists of, and what experience is required:


  • High- and low-level optimization of rendering code for console platforms
  • Development and maintenance of content generation and content optimization pipelines
  • Research into new real-time rendering techniques and features
  • Collaboration with other team members to determine rendering requirements
  • Implementation of rendering features to the Bluepoint Engine


  • Expert knowledge of C++
  • Strong knowledge of HLSL/CG
  • Excellent understanding of fundamentals behind low-level graphics engine development
  • Ability to optimize own and others’ code
  • Ability to manage oneself
  • Must have shipped at least one well-reviewed title on PS3 and/or Xbox 360 as a graphics engineer
  • A true desire to satisfy the needs of others in a fast-paced environment

In recent years, Bluepoint Games has been focusing exclusively on PS4 remakes. Does that mean we’ll see another PlayStation classic remade? Or will they be shifting gears?

Source: Bluepoint Games via Twinfinite