Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Gun Camos – All 114 Released and Unreleased Gun Skins Shown

black ops 4 gun camos

Regardless what you think of ’em, gun camos (or gun skins) are a big deal in every Call of Duty game, and it’s the same for Black Ops 4. If you’re curious what kind of gun camos are in Black Ops 4, wonder no more! Shown below are all 114 released and unreleased Black Ops 4 gun camos that are in the game!

Thanks to Reddit user Omnipotentem, you can see all of the Black Ops 4 gun camos in all their glory below! Note that a lot of these are not available in the game presently, and will most likely make their way as part of the Black Market. Also, some of the camos shown are from the Zombies Pack a Punch, which should make their way to multiplayer at some point too.

Will we see gun camo packs for sale soon? Given how lopsided the Black Market is, I sure hope so. Which Black Ops 4 gun camos are your favorite? Are you happy with the selection available now and how Dark Matter camo is represented?

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