Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Update 1.06 Now Out, Here’s What We Know That’s Included (Update_

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Infinity Ward has now released the full patch notes for Modern Warfare update 1.06 (via Reddit)!

11/2/19 – Title Update/Playlist Update

  • More fixes to prevent crashes and improve stability across all platforms

  • Battlechatter has been removed from tactical, one-life modes

  • APCs and Tanks in Ground War no longer award points towards a nuke

  • Fix for charms affecting weapon performance when firing from the hip

  • Claymores: Stun grenades can now force claymores into a disabled state for 3 seconds

  • Footsteps: Adjustments to tame the 3rd person footsteps. They will now filter out based on occlusion more.

  • Fix to an issue where Tac Inserts could cause players to spawn out of bounds

  • Fix for the gold camo not unlocking on the .357

  • Playlist Update

    • NVG (TDM only)

    • Ground War

    • Gunfight

    • Kill Confirmed

    • FFA

Original Story:

Heads up, Call of Duty fans! A new Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update has rolled out! Modern Warfare 1.06 can be downloaded on all platforms as we speak. Clocking in at 1.8GB on PS4, 2GB on Xbox One, and a whopping 7GB on PC, this new patch adds new modes.

Modern Warfare update 1.06:

  • Added Kill Confirmed
  • Added Night Vision mode
  • FFA (Free for All) added

In addition to that, gun charms now WON’T increase hipfire spread! Here’s Shaydan- posting an image of it on the game’s subreddit:

Charms have been FIXED in the latest update! from modernwarfare

Unfortunately, a lot of people have commented that this latest patch does not fix the crashing issues found on PC and Xbox One. Once Infinity Ward releases the official patch notes, we’ll be sure to update the post (if they release it).

In the meantime, make sure to bookmark our Modern Warfare game hub for the latest Modern Warfare news. If you haven’t picked the game up yet, go read our full review, and we’ll have another multiplayer in-depth feature/review coming up soon, too.

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