Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dark Edition Now Available for Pre-Order, Costs $200

If you saw our post earlier today regarding the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dark Edition, which included a real life set of Night Vision Googles, and wondered how much it costs, wonder no more. Today, the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dark Edition is officially available for pre-order for $200!

This edition will come packed with all the goodies from the Precision Edition, which you can find below along with the additional content. The main beef of this package though is the fully functional and wearable Night Vision Goggles. Fans of the original Modern Warfare series will no doubt remember that the Prestige Edition of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came with a pair, though these ones feature a different design and are said to be much more superior than the previous ones. The full details on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dark Edition can be found below.

Prepare to go dark with the Modern Warfare Dark Edition! The Dark Edition features functioning Night Vision Goggles that allow the user to see up to 20 meters in absolute darkness. Based off the in-game model, Infinity Ward has outfitted the adjustable goggles with game inspired custom decals and design details. The goggles can operate in “Day mode”, allowing the user to see in full color, and automatically switch to “Night mode” when dark conditions are detected. Night mode features both a black-and-white and a phosphorous blue color setting that the user can toggle between. Don’t be left in the dark, pre-order this limited edition while supplies last.

Physical Items:

  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare game
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Display Stand for Night Vision Goggles
  • Steelbook

Digital In-Game Items:

  • Custom In-game Tactical Knife
  • “All Ghillied Up” Operator Pack
  • “Crew Expendable” Operator Pack
  • “War Pig” Operator Pack
  • Call of Duty Endowment (C.O.D.E.) Animated Calling Card

Pre-orders have opened up already and if you are tempted to get the Dark Edition you may want to act fast as supplies are limited. The Dark Edition is exclusive to GameStop in the USA so you’ll have to order from it either in store or online. And don’t forget that pre-ordering any version will grant you early access to the Beta, which details can be found here: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Dates

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