Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Dead Man’s Switch Perk First Look, Weapon Charms List Leaked via Datamining

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If you’re not a fan of Martyrdom in past Call of Duty games, or if you are, you’ll be glad to know that a similar perk called Dead Man’s Switch is coming back in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. For those not familiar with it, the Modern Warfare Dead Man’s Switch is a perk that lets you kill enemies upon death via triggering a switch. While Martyrdom dropped a frag grenade when you die, Dead Man’s Switch has the player activating a switch where enemies within the blast radius will get damaged or killed/

Watch in action below.

First look at Dead Man’s Switch + New Map from modernwarfare

Based on the footage so far, it’s not as bad as in past Call of Duty games — at least for now. We can’t say how annoying it’ll be unless we’ve experienced it for ourselves.

In other Modern Warfare news, remember when we posted the confirmation that weapon charms will be back in Modern Warfare? Well, as it turns out, digging through the files reveal a list of Modern Warfare weapon charms! Check out the list below (via Reddit user halflucids)

So far, so good, the list of Modern Warfare weapon charms seem to be good, with no weird ones included just yet. Of course, we expect that to change once the final game is released.

Speaking of the beta, stay tuned to our impressions piece hitting very soon once Infinity Ward has rolled out all its update.

Are you a fan of Dead Man’s Switch or do you think it will be abused come launch?

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