Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gun Attachments Early Look; Controls Mention “Super Sprint”

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While this past week’s Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay reveal focused on Infinity Ward’s new 2v2 game mode called Gunfight, there was a lot of stuff revealed regarding the multiplayer as a whole. One of these new things we now know of, is how Modern Warfare gun attachments will work, and it seems the report we ran about it earlier saying you can equip five attachments per gun was true.

Here’s a screenshot of the gun loadout showcasing five attachments:

As you can see, we have one slot for the sights, and four more that consists of familiar gun attachments we’ve used before. If this is indeed the case, then the rumor of the Pick 10 system being dropped in favor of a standard perk and gun attachment loadout should be welcome news to people who want something fresh.

Also shown during the Gunfight reveal is the Modern Warfare controller layout. While it seems like the standard we’ve been used to over the years, there seems to be a new “super sprint” feature that will be available in multiplayer.

As you can see in the image above, the left analog stick can be used to sprint, steady aim, and “super sprint.” While this feature has never been used in a Call of Duty multiplayer game (from my knowledge), it has been used in other games such as Dead by Daylight where it’s a perk called “Burst Sprint.”Hopefully, this is a new mechanic that won’t be exploited to hell and back by ingenious players.

Don’t forget that the full multiplayer reveal will happen this August 1! In the meantime, make sure to bookmark our Modern Warfare game hub for the latest Modern Warfare news.

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