Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Info Blowout Based on the Gunfight Reveal

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In case you didn’t know, Infinity Ward (finally!) showed us our first Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer gameplay yesterday by having Twitch influencers livestream an hour’s worth of the game’s new 2v2 mode, Gunfight. While seeing the game in action was great and all, there were a ton of Modern Warfare multiplayer info that wasn’t pointed out which fans might like to know.

We checked the gameplay videos floating about, and listed down the Modern Warfare multiplayer info that’s available now ahead of the big August 1 reveal! The info listed below are confirmed or official, so these are all stuff we can expect to be available in the game when it launches this October.

Modern Warfare multiplayer info:

  • Peek and lean mechanic confirmed
  • Sniper glint will be back (previously seen in Infinite Warfare)
  • You can trade kills (meaning the both of you die at the same time)
  • Quickscoping is back but it’s a lot slower now (watch it in action here)
  • Riot shield confirmed to be in multiplayer (screenshot shown above was from yesterday’s gameplay reveal)
  • You won’t be able to choose weapons and loadouts in Gunfight, each round, all players will spawn with the same loadouts

Modern Warfare multiplayer info from PrestigeIsKey (watch it here):

Gunfight Mode confirmed details:

  • – Maps smaller than the face-off maps from MW3
  • – One life, no health regeneration/healing
  • -No create a class, they are randomly generated for every two rounds and everyone starts out with them.
  •  – Rounds are extremely fast, 20 to 40 seconds
  • – Will feature a tournament mode with brackets. The reward for winning the tournament are TBA
  • – If nothing happens within the first 40 seconds of the map a flag will spawn in the map and whoever captures it wins. This is to avoid camping in the mode.
  • Maps from the stream – King, Pine, Stack – Speculates there may be day/night variation of a map since the maps during their testing specified “day”
  • – Set Weapons can be picked up on the map

Modern Warfare multiplayer info from Drif0r (watch it here):

  • 100 percent confirmed, no Specialists in multiplayer; all Operators are the same
  • You can mount every weapon (no bipods needed) on vertical or horizontal surfaces to reduce recoil; except pistols and launchers
  • Night Vision Goggles returning and can be toggled on and off at any time like in Call of Duty 4, and there are some maps that will need NVG for you to see
  • Almost all doors can be opened and closed in multiplayer
  • Most maps are designed for three-lanes (like with Treyarch’s CODs), but there are some with four lanes
  • Map sizes are 2-3x the size of Shipment from COD4 and tend to be rectangular in shape
  • Guns are all real-life guns (brand, etc.)
  • No killstreaks available in Gunfight mode
  • Players can make their own March Madness-type tournament bracket for Gunfight
  • Game was playable on PS4, Xbox One and PC at the Infinity Ward studio
  • Grenades are locked upon spawn to avoid players chucking them upon spawn in Gunfight mode
  • FOV sliders, and other graphic options are available on PC (no word yet on consoles)
  • Weapons were locked down in terms of customization, only because they were still working on it. Boat loads of attachments, a lot of real world weapons to pick from.
  • Time to kill closer to Call of Duty: Ghosts depending on the weapon used
  • Character health was reminiscent Of MW3, die quicker than BO4, Ghost and even WWII

Don’t forget, there’s a ton more info regarding multiplayer that will be revealed on August 1 and beyond.

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