Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Loot Boxes Confirmed via the Beta

modern warfare xbox one shut down issue

While Infinity Ward has said that it’ll talk about the Modern Warfare microtransactions as we get neared to launch (which is presently), it seems Modern Warfare loot boxes will still be a thing! Called “Supply Drops” in the franchise,

YouTuber NerosCinema has posted a video of him earning one in what seems to be a glitch in the beta (since it doesn’t seem to be showing up for everyone). He saw it in the After Action report that summarizes your performance after every match,

According to NerosCinema, he got the “Common Supply Drop” unlock after he hit rank 6 in the beta.

Of course, this shouldn’t surprise anyone anymore given Activision earns a TON of money from Call of Duty microtransactions.. Hopefully, Infinity Ward sticks to their guns when they said they’re pushing for a “player-first” system in the game, and makes the Modern Warfare loot boxes cosmetics only, and not like in the Black Ops franchise where weapons in loot boxes were almost impossible to get without spending real-world money.

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