Call of Duty: WWII Early Release Copies Won’t Work Without Patch

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Just a few hours ago, we reported that some people have managed to grab their hands on early release copies of Call of Duty: WWII. Either it’s a retailer who’s willing to break the release day street date, or just someone crafty enough to score a pre-release disc, it is happening.

Having said that, however, Sledgehammer Games has thrown a monkey wrench to these people’s plans as the early release copies of COD: WWII will not work until a patch is installed! Yes, this means even single-player as well. 

This is an ingenious move by Sledgehammer who most likely anticipated this was going to happen given almost every Call of Duty game released the past few years got leaked ahead of its retail release.  However, if this is indeed the case, then anyone buying COD: WWII should take note that you do need an internet connection to play it even if you’re just going to connect to download the patch. We’ll keep an eye out how this will transpire once Call of Duty: WWII releases this coming November 3. 

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Source: CharlieIntel, Image via I’m Undeniable (YouTube)